Sani Beach Resort

Sani Beach Resort

Posted by Sunit 
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 01, 2006 01:09AM
Hey guys thanks very much for all the info, I am 19 and have treated myself and my boyfriend to a week at Sani Beach Club, so excited!!! Am leaving 4th May at 6.45am with Thomas Cook, fantastic price of £889 for 2, HB for a week! Anyways, thanks for all the tips - very helpful. Enjoy. Claire xx
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 02, 2006 09:43AM
Hi Raj, will be back on 11th/12th May, I will definately post info when back.
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 02, 2006 09:47AM
Hi Claire, our flight isn't until 5:30pm unfortunately, so won't be there until 12am, I will hopefully see you and your boyfriend in the Hercules Bar as it's open till 2am.
claire peach
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 02, 2006 11:12PM
Hi Sunit can you rember chating about september time ?
we go to sani beach club 8th may from east middlands airport
Well we are now marred and carnt wait for the honeymoon
our son carnt wait to go on the plane (hes 2 now)
Not long till you go now 2 days gosh thats come around quick but so did the wedding 18 months in the planning for what seems like 10 mins (the day gos so quick its all just a bler)
Which hotel are you staying in?
Have a good time hopefull see you and your wife there (we will be the ones shouting "Joe dont do that" "Joe come here" "Joe stop that"winking smiley
If we dont see you post message when we get back

All the best Claire Simon & Joe
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 03, 2006 09:50AM
Hi Claire, of course I remember chatting to you, we are staying at the Sani Beach Club, hopefully we can meet up on the Monday, I will keep an eye out for Joe!!!
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 05, 2006 05:50PM
I'm going with my wife and family (4yr old and 1yr old) to the Beach Hotel for 2 weeks on May 26th, we are all really looking forward to it.

We booked it independently through Sani, and British Airways, and seemed to save quite a lot of money (20%?) for a Junior Suite in comparison to the standard holiday websites that I found listed at [].

Also, booking with BA gave us more flexibility with flight times and Sani give you a free transfer if you book for 7+ nights. In addition, as May/June is not high season, kids go free at Sani which was great for us.

All the reports on this board seem to suggest we are going to have one of our best holidays ever. It was great to know the beer prices were as I would expect; that it takes 20-25 minutes to walk between beach hotel and beach club; about the many hills and steps (I'll be prepared now!); about potential wasps (hope they stay away until later in the year!); and the general friendlyness of staff and tidyness of the resort.
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 05, 2006 09:19PM
Hi Nick,

We to are flying out on the 26th May but for 8 nights and are also staying at the hotel. We booked a family room (2 interconnecting doubles) as there is 5 of us, me, my wife and children (15, 12 and 8) as the hotel couldn't guarantee 2 junior suites next to each other (this being our first choice). We are a bit concerned about the size of the rooms, judging what people have written on other review sites, but looking on the bright side we do have 2 of them. We to booked independantly just as you have and have saved money. We're flying out with Swiss Air from Birmingham as this is where we live, the flight times are not great as we have a connect in Zurich and will arrive in Thessoloniki late night, we to have a free taxi transfer to the resort, which is great. The resort itself looks lovely and judging by the reviews should be really really nice. Sunit the person that started this thread is out there at the moment and has promised to update us regarding the weather, wasps etc when he gets back on the 11th / 12th. So watch this space!
Claire, Sandra & Alex
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 13, 2006 01:51AM
Hi everyone on forum
We have just booked Sani Beach Hotel for July and are so looking forward to it as it looks so fabulous and have been reading your reviews! Could anyone update us on the purchasing of cheaper wine/childrens drinks out of the resort and is it as hemmed in as per reviews how are the wasps this year?
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 13, 2006 11:40PM
well just returned from Sani Beach Club having spent one week on H/B basis.

great place, weather lousy, cold & dull, windy. dayhigh of only 16 max often only 12 deg during day, completly unprepared clothing wise, water very cold -both sea & pools, lovely beaches deserted, staff very friendly, food very good plenty of choice, this is a beach resort which needs good weather to really enjoy its full potential.

Would i go back - yes,but dont visit so early in the season, wait a few weeks end of May early June onwards.

best regards
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 14, 2006 12:05PM
Hi Jason

So sorry you did not get good weather, May is a bit "iffy" in Greece but we have never had bad weather in May. We lived there three summers April til October/November and it was lovely and warm right from beginning of April. In fact one year we had the air conditioning on early May it was that hot.

I am glad it has not put you off visiting again, Halkidiki is a beautiful place and those lovely deserted beaches (although not quite as deserted in July and August !) are so much nicer in the sunshine. When we didnt live over there we went for over 30 years and always went in mid June, again always nice weather.

However, I suppose worldwide we are not sure what weather we will get anymore. I am beginning to think we have perhaps had our summer here last week as it is so cold and rainy today !

Glad you enjoyed the resort, it is a lovely place although a bit isolated. Did you manage to get out and see some more of the peninsula?

All the best
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 14, 2006 12:47PM
After reading such great reviews my husband and I have booked to go sani beach hotel for 2 weeks, flying out 22nd may. It all sounds fab, only concern is mosquitos and wasps, are there really so many as reviews suggest? Have a 4 year old who always gets infected bites, so just want to be prepared! Also is there plenty for kids to do out there, and what are the excursions on offer and are any of them worth bothering with? thanks.
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 15, 2006 09:12AM
Going back to sani for third time, so we definatey like it!!
Have not been in may/june before so abit nervous about the weather, in august its always fabulous
yes, drinks are dear but you kind of expect that at a first class resort
wasps were abit of a problem a couple of years ago but looks like they are now much worse so not looking forward to that part eating outside may be a problem
hope you all enjoy it as much as we have in the past
i seem to remember they have a doctor visiting quite regularly to the hotel if anyone needs it
rooms fairly average in size in hotel, we took everything out of the fridge and put our own stuff in, didnt get told not to so hope we can still do this. buy your drinks from the supermarket past themarina cheaper than the hotel
no reserving sunbeds policy, sometimes enforced but depends on who the pool attendant is, some ignorant people gave her a load of abuse when she was just doing her job so i felt sorry for her
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 15, 2006 12:23PM

Hi all,

Jane -- didnt really get chance to see much of the Peninsula, (two young children etc etc easy to stay put) managed to get out to a local market which / town (Nea Moudinas ?)

Wasps not really a problem although there were certainly plenty around, locals were hanging plastic bottles from trees with fish & fruitjuice to attact the wasps - not sure of this had the desired effect cos I saw plenty flying around or on ther sand...

we were told by the beach club not to use the fridge for personal use, not a problem at this time of year but when the weather is warmer it would be nice to have a full drinks to hand.

one last thing a little dissaponted to discover the main indoor pool at the hotel; was not available to children ??

bye for now

Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 16, 2006 09:57PM
Hi all, got back from Sani Beach Club Hotel on Friday morning, sorry couldn't post reply earlier, don't really have access to a computer. I must say that this hotel is great, as you have heard from other people this hotel is a bit isolated, the scenary is beautiful, food is good, with a large variety, good local beer about £2.66, for half a litre. The Marina is very nice, as is the hotel, all in all I can't complain, and we would definately go back in the future. The staff are next to none, very friendly and helpful. Anyone going there, please say hello to Mile, Marjan, Radka and Katherina, in the apollo bar (lobby). There are wasps but nothing to be to worried about. It was a bit chilly at night so take a few warm clothes, but it was hotting up as we were leaving. A must is the Jeep safari (wear long trousers, as lots of mossies), and make sure you go on the free sunset criuse offered by the hotel, we missed out as doesn't start until 15th, we was very dissapointed. I personaly thought that the trip to Thesiloniki was a waste of money.
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 17, 2006 12:08PM
Hi Sunit,

Can you tell us what other excursions were on offer?
Where was the Safari to, and how long was it etc?
Did you use the dine around?
What was the weather like during the day?
Did you do any water sports, what was the cost?


Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 17, 2006 12:44PM
Hi Raj, they also had Alexandra the Great excursion, which we wanted to go on, but it clashed with something else, can't remember all the others. We did not feel the need to use the dine around facility, only used it once in the afternoon at the Brasserie. The Safari was great, but please note that no kids are allowed, the trip was from 7:50am to about 6pm. The hotel has a great kids club from what I heard from the other guests. The weather wasn't the best last week, but was definately going into the late 20s early 30s, by the time we left, next time I am booking mid to late May. Sorry didn't do any water sports, but I did have a lovely massage.
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 31, 2006 12:12PM
Hi going to stay at the sani beach hotel from 8th June for 2 wks can anyone tell me what the weather is like out there at the mo. We went there last year and liked it that much we are returning but we went July last year and the weather was boiling. My parents are coming this year so I'm hoping that the weather is gona be fantastic can someone let me know please!!
Re: Sani Beach Resort
May 31, 2006 09:34PM
Hi try and visit the Anemos club / bar that is at the Blue dream Camping site just around the bay from Sani resorts - its just been revamped and is the in place to be seen - apparently famous greeks party there. Steve
cheryl ohara
Re: Sani Beach Resort
June 07, 2006 05:07PM
Hi everyone,
Just got back from 10 days in sani beach resort, had a fabulous time
Weather absolutely perfect, getting really hot now, only one cloudy day but to be honest, we needed it as it had been scorchio
Wasps - didnt see hardly any and they certainly were not a problem, apparently worse in August which we have experienced before on previous trips - we all got bitten to death by mossies in the evening though, despite applying the cream.
Drinks expensive but we had budgeted for that, most expensive bar was the Sea You Bar or the white bar as we called it which is at the edge of the marina. It is a beautifull setting and the actaul bar itself is stunning - very contemporary and all white but the staff are awful. THey were obviously all new to the game and didnt have a clue on how to serve properly, we waited half an hour for our beers and the waiter then proceded to spill the beer all over us when he dropped them. Worth it though for the setting especially at sunset.
Best bar for service in the marina is Mojito, lovely waitress called Anna who is spot on
We thought the food was much better at the beach club than at the hotel so often went there in the evening, the breakfast at the beach club is also of a higher standard.
Enjoyed the bousallos beach at the weekend where all the greeks go for a sunday, very loud dance music and cool atmosphere, the place to be seen,
the boussalous beach is definately the best one, clear crystal waters when calm and lovely sand, my favourite place overall.
Dont bother with the Italian restaurant Macaroni, very pretentious and over priced, paying about 12 18 euros for a pizza, just not worth it.
All in all a great relaxing break, we will return (for the 4 th time)
Re: Sani Beach Resort
June 08, 2006 10:14AM
Hi returned on the 4th of June from the Sani Beach Hotel, had a great time, as Cheryl has said the weather was really great going into the 30's.
Just a few points, firstly I would definately give the hotel 4 + stars and the club 3-4. The hotel is extremely self contained with all amenities on site, the club is very hilly and does not have the same feel as the hotel. The pool at the club is older, the one at the hotel is more modern and has more of an atmosphere. The hotel is definately better in my opinion. The beaches are lovely with the the bousoulas beach being the better of two. The beach infront of the Asterious Suites seemed to have alot of blackish seaweed washed up near the sand, but the sea itself is a gorgeous blue. At the hotel there are 2 wings, A and B, A has been refurbished with rooms having good sized showers and very powerful. A has a fantastic view on one side overlooking the pool, the beach and sea, with Mount Olympus in the distance, the other side faces the car park, but has nice views over countryside. B has sea views on both sides, with one side facing the pool. If you have the choice go for block A with the pool sea view.
The food was plentiful with lots of choice, I personally preferred the hotel restaurant over the clubs as there was more choice at the hotel, both restaurants do great food. There are mini fridges in all the rooms, and we stocked up our drinks in the fridge, much cheaper. There is a shop on the pool level which is reasonably priced and also a market in the Marina, again reasonably priced. Enjoy!

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