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Kalives and Gerakini are the two fabulous villages that belong to Poligiros area. They are built next to coastline. Thousands of tourists visit these villages all over the year.

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Sights: An archaeological Museum is located in Poligiros, although most of the archaeological findings are kept in the Museum of Thessaloniki. Poligiros has many parks and picturesque squares like "Six Springs" and "Hero's Tomp". The old part of town, with constructions since the Turkish period, has been characterized as a "historic web". The famous country church of Panagia and the mountain Tsoukalas with a panoramic view, which are situated one kilometer outside Poligiros.

Many cultural and national festivities take place in Poligiros. The most important of them are:

The celebration of Halkidiki's Revolution, which is a local holiday.

The famous carnival of Poligiros, which is, for many decades, one of the most significant traditions of this town.

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Fairs: The most famous fairs are the fair of Panagia (15th August), the fair of Agios Nikolaos (20th June) and the fair of Profiti Ilia (20th July).


Useful information and telephone numbers

Post code 63100
Municipality 0371 22654, 22619
e-mail: poligiros@hal.forthnet.gr
Prefecture 0371 23192, 24152
Police 0371 22237
Tourist Police 0371 23496
Hospital 0371 22222, 24021-9
Port Police 0371 51240
Fire Brigate 0371 22673
Museum 0371 22148


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