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Our office offers:

A. Issuing of tickets for the cruise to Agion Oros (the Holy Mount)
B. Issuing of tickets with the little boat to Diaporos Island for swimming and relaxation.
C. The assurance or even rental of accommodation. We can also provide you with board, recreation, entertainment and the means of transport of our customers.
D. The organization of all types of conventions (i.e. evening cruises)
E. Organized and Group Cruises (Excellent group organization that is based on a concerted program with experienced employees and modern technology, tour guides that know how to find solutions by providing services readily and responsibly).
F. Family packages at special prices
G. Adventure excursions in nature.
H. Car rental
I. Boat rental for trips to the nearby islands (upon demand)
J. Specialized itineraries for groups (upon demand, i.e. litany and worship on the cruise to Agion Oros (the Holy Mount)
K. Motivational and societal trips.
L. Luxury Motor-Coaches (the latest models)

We thank you for choosing us and we will continue with:

  • Competitive prices
  • Innovation
  • Personal service
  • Quality and Style