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Reviewed by lg from Belgium
Thu 4 September, 2014, 19:25:24
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We paid for sea view apartment.
And we got probably the worst room ever (A13).
That was not an apartment: only one bedroom leading into another one, and there was a window between the two. So forget about privacy!!!
No living room whatsoever.
With its three windows, the so called "apartment" was overlooking:
-an inside shaft;
-the common corridor (other people could look into the room);
-the stairs and terraces of the neighbouring hotel.
All three windows offered these dreadful "views"!!! (see the attached pictures)

The owner said there was a reservation mistake and they never approved any reservation for a two-bed apartment with sea view. But we had an email from them confirming the conditions of the initial reservation, the sea view apartment.
Later, we looked at other websites with reviews about this place and people complained about the same thing. This means that the place uses this pattern to cheat clients.

When we complained about the poor quality of the room, they were really rude.
They refused to change our room for a better one, as (they said) they did not have any other rooms available. They would not reimburse us for the price difference between the sea view apartment we had paid for and the thing we received. The owner said that this might seem like a lot of money to us, but it was not for her.

But on the next day one of the cleaning ladies had left a room open, so we saw they had free rooms with sea view available. Still, they did not give any of those to us.
We had to wait two nights before they moved us to another room.
It had NO sea view and was NOT an apartment, only one room with four beds (and we were two couples).
At least it did not have a view of the shaft as the previous one did.

Looks like they have a contract with some Hungarian travel agency.
They give their best rooms to Hungarian tourists and the crappy ones to all others.
That is why all the good online reviews usually come from Hungary.

A few words about the place itself.

1. The beach is nice and close by.

2. If you want air-conditioning, you have to pay EUR 5.00 per day.

3. Rooms were serviced and garbage bins taken out every three days.
Thus the rooms were extremely dirty, even if you tried to keep them clean.
There is a beach nearby after all.

4. The rooms were outdated and some of the electrical sockets were dangerous as they fell apart and exposed metal parts when used.

5. This place is not a hotel, even though they call themselves one.
They only claim that online and on their business cards.
The word "hotel" is nowhere to be seen on their fa├žade or in any written document.
Their invoice shows they are only "rooms for rent".
This would suggest that they have been registered as "rooms for rent" and lie that they are a hotel.

So, do not ever book a room in this hell of a place.
And if you think this review is not enough, look around the Internet and see what others have to say.
Good luck with finding an excellent holiday place, but this one is to be avoided at all cost!
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