The website www.Halkidiki.com (herein Halkidiki.com), offers its services under the following terms and conditions, which the user is called to carefully read and continue to use the website's services only if he or she fully consents to their application. By using the website Halkidiki.com in any way you agree to the following terms of use, which constitute a binding agreement between you and the creators of Halkidiki.com, valid as if you have signed a written contract.
In case of a future modification to the present terms of use, continuing to use Halkidiki.com at a later date signifies the binding acceptance on your part of the modified terms of use.

The content of the Halkidiki.com website is available exclusively for personal, non commercial use, without a charge and not requiring a charge for user registration. However, in order to publish your photographs to the website, you are required to register by completing the necessary form.

Users remain personally and exclusively responsible for all the actions carried out by use of their user account after their registration. Users are required to immediately inform Halkidiki.com if any non authorized use of their account or any already accomplished or possible breach of security comes to their attention.
Moreover, users are solely responsible for the careful use of their account, for safeguarding their password and for logging out of their account at the end of each use. Halkidiki.com is not responsible for any damage or loss occurring from the inability of the users to abide by the present clause.

Halkidiki.com does not collect personal information of the type stated in Law 2472/1997, as the user is not obligated at any part of his or her interaction with the website to provide personal information capable of leading to his or her identification. Any personal user data sent willingly by the user (e.g. in a post signed under his or her own name), are published at the user's request and are not separately stored in the Halkidiki.com servers as a structured group of data accessible by specific criteria.

You can contact the administrators of Halkidiki.com by e-mail at info@halkidiki.com. This communication is confidential and Halkidiki.com commits not to publish its content without your expressed consent. Halkidiki.com also commits not to proceed with the sale, lease, and release or making known of your email address in any way. The only exceptions are the following:
- Halkidiki.com has the prior consent of the sender to publish the information than concern him or her.
- The individuals and legal entities collaborating with Halkidiki.com have the right to process the user's personal information, only to the extent absolutely necessary in order to provide technical or other type of support towards Halkidiki.com or in order to provide a service requested by the user and they are also bound by equivalent terms of protection of this information.
- When it is dictated in order to comply with the relevant laws and only towards the relevant authorities.
Furthermore, Halkidiki.com is binded not to use your electronic address to send out unsolicited e-mail (spam). It retains however the right to send out newsletters concerning the operation and services of Halkidiki.com, barring the user's expressed objection by email sent to info@halkidiki.com.

Halkidiki.com can use cookies to identify you in some of its pages and services. Cookies can also be stored in your computer from third party websites, such as the adsense advertising program by Google. A cookie is a small piece of data sent to your browser by a web server and is stored to your computer's hard drive. Cookies do not cause any damage to your system and do not adversely affect its function in any way. Cookies make your web browsing easier for you by storing your settings. You can set your browser in such a way that it informs you when cookies are used in certain services of Halkidiki.com or forbid the use of cookies altogether. In case you choose not to uses cookies for your identification, you will not be able to further access the services that require them.

Halkidiki.com contains links to other websites controlled by third parties.
Links included in Halkidiki.com have the sole purpose to facilitate the user's search for information concerning the categories listed in the website. Inclusion of third party links in the Halkidiki.com content can in no case be considered a promotional or advertising act of any kind.
In no case does Halkidiki.com guarantee the legitimacy or accuracy of the content of the links the website includes, nor that these links will be temporarily or constantly active. Furthermore, the links cited in each category are indicative, and not exclusive or restrictive. Halkidiki.com retains the right to remove or add links without any warning or explanation to any party and alter the website's content at any time. Halkidiki.com is not obligated to include any link in its categories.
Some of the websites the links included in Halkidiki.com lead to require a registration or a registration fee for their services. Their mention in Halkidiki.com is not considered a suggestion or advisement to register of pay a registration fee to third party websites.
Your use of Halkidiki.com signifies your understating and acceptance of the fact that Halkidiki.com is in no case responsible for the content of the links it contains and/or the products/services or advertisements the websites they link to contain. Furthermore, Halkidiki.com is not responsible for any financial or other type of loss or damage the user that follows those links sustains.

The Halkidiki.com website was created by and belongs to its individual creators and constitutes their intellectual property under the "Intellectual Property" Law 2121/1993, as it has been modified and is valid today, as well as under the international agreements signed by Greece.
Halkidiki.com retains the exclusive intellectual rights to the design, the code, the database and the complete content of the website (including images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, offered services and overall the files included in this website), with the exception of any content added by the users themselves. Third parties may also hold exclusive or non exclusive intellectual property rights to parts of the content of Halkidiki.com. The content included in Halkidiki.com, its structure and categorization comprises a data base under the Law 2121/1993 and is thus protected by that law. Any publication, reproduction, processing, copying, translation, purchase, renting, selling all or part of the content of Halkidiki.com is strictly forbidden. Any breach of these rights of the creators incurs the liabilities and penalties dictated by the law.
By adding any kind of content to Halkidiki.com you declare that you own its copyrights in full according to the Greek laws, or you have the prior express permission for this specific use. You are not allowed to record, distribute or in general process and manage in any way content which is protected by intellectual property rights, trade names or patented products that belong to third parties without the prior written consent of the holder of these rights. Halkidiki.com has the right to delete the account of any user who repeatedly violates the aforementioned term, after proper notification on the matter by the holder of the intellectual rights or his or her legal representative. Without retracting or restricting the aforementioned terms, if you believe that any of your work is being copied or included in Halkidiki.com in a way that violates your intellectual property rights, please send a written warning to abuse@halkidiki.com.
By consenting to the present terms, you declare expressly and irrevocably declare that you assign Halkidiki.com the non exclusive worldwide right to publish, copy, broadcast, reproduce, process, modify, translate, sell or lease, transfer to a third party, enter into a computer memory/server, create copies and provide access to an unknown number of people for any content you add to the website (if you have the legal right to do so), and declare that these actions are a willing and knowing exercise of your moral rights. Furthermore, you consent to the impression of the “halkidiki.com” logotype at a small scale on any photograph you publish, for security reasons. In no case does this addition breaches or distorts your intellectual property rights on the photographs you publish. The content included in the websites the links contained in Halkidiki.com lead to is subject to the terms of use of each and every one of these websites and the user should read them before proceeding with their use. Halkidiki.com bears no responsibility for any breach of intellectual property rights from third party websites, but does point out to its users the existence of those rights and the necessity of being informed before any use of the content of the links contained in the website. The trade names included in Halkidiki.com constitute registered trade names of Halkidiki.com and third party organizations, companies or institutions which are their holders and are thus protected by the relevant Greek and European laws and international treaties and agreements. The use of these trade names is forbidden altogether.

The purpose of Halkidiki.com is to inform and its creators do not wish for anyone to be insulted, justifiably or not. For this reason, we urge you to read this clause carefully. Your non compliance to these terms may lead to deleting your account as well as to further legal actions.
Despite the fact that Halkidiki.com provides you with the necessary technological infrastructure and the means to publish your views and your photographs, all the content you add and post publicly remains your sole responsibility. Halkidiki.has no legal obligation to monitor any or all of the comments made, nor is complete and constant monitoring feasible. Halkidiki.com does not accept or agree in any way with the personal ideas or views expressed by the users of the forum. The users of the website's forum have complete responsibility of the content they post. The users also agree and accept that the conversation as well as any kind of communication conducted through the forum is public and not private.
Do not publish a critic if you haven't yourself used the services you are reviewing or haven't indeed spent your vacation yourself to the specific place to which you are referring to. We strictly suggest that you express yourself with accuracy and moderation in your critics. Offensive or slandering expressions may lead to the deletion of the entire comment. You are not allowed to insult the honor, integrity or personality of any individual. Do not criticize without having personal knowledge or without being completely certain of the fact you are publicizing. Refrain from repeating comments, especially when this particular or similar comment has been posted by more than one user. Halkidiki.com retains the right not to allow the appearance of multiply repeated comments. The Halkidiki.com forum is not a place for advertising and for this reason any attempt of direct or indirect advertising is forbidden and the relevant comments will be deleted.
Halkidiki.com retains the right to delete without any justification all or part of any posted comment, if its administrators reach the conclusion that it may harm the image and credibility of the website and delete user accounts even without prior notification, if a repeated breach of the present terms is observed. Comments may even be deleted upon a request by the person the comment refers to, and a relevant reference will be posted in the forum.
Halkidiki.com users have a responsibility towards Halkidiki.com and its partners for any damage or loss that occurs from their use of the Halkidiki.com services in an unlawful way or a way non compliant with the present terms.

Halkidiki.com retains the right to modify and/or cease temporarily or permanently all or part of its services with or without prior notification to its users. Users have no claim over Halkidiki.com for any discontinuation or termination of its operation or services.

Halkidiki.com does not guarantee the accuracy, validity or correctness of the information included in the website, regardless of the type of information provided (e.g. images, text, graphics, research results, scientific articles etc).
Given the nature and the volume of the information provided through the Internet, under no circumstances, including the case of negligence, is Halkidiki.com responsible for any type of damage or loss (financial or otherwise) occurring to the users of the web pages, services, choices and content of Halkidiki.com, to which they gain access to at their own free will. You visit the pages of Halkidiki.com at your own initiative and assume full responsibility.
Accountability for the completeness, accuracy, sufficiency, legitimacy, suitability and correctness of the content of the links appearing in the website, including advertisements, irrespective of the way they appear, belongs exclusively to the websites/companies that provide them.
The content and information included or even the answers to questions posted on Halkidiki.com, including advertisements, irrespective of the way they appear, should in no way be considered valid information, advice or suggestion for a specific act.
Users should bear in mind that the information provided by Halkidiki.com is under no circumstances exclusive or unique of any subject. The user who seeks comprehensive knowledge on any subject included in Halkikidi.com understands that the information he or she receives from Halkidiki.com could only be partial and resumes full responsibility for the risk this fact entails. Any views posted, reflect the views of the persons who have requested their posting and in no case represent the views of Halkidiki.com, or its official position on any matter.

The content of Halkidiki.com is offered «exactly as is», with no explicit, or presumed in any way, guarantees concerning the website's marketability or suitability for any purpose.
Halkidiki.com offers no explicit guarantee that its pages, services, functions, choices and content will be provided without interruption or without errors or that mistakes will be corrected. Furthermore, Halkidiki.com does not guarantee that the website in question or any associated website or the servers through which they become available to users do not contain viruses or other harmful components.
In no case Halkidiki.com, its employees or the persons associated with the website have a responsibility to the users for any damage caused by the use of Halkidiki.com

The aforementioned terms and any subsequent modification made to those terms are governed by Greek laws. By accepting the present terms of use you accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Polygyros, Halkidiki, Greece.
All the aforementioned terms are drafted as material. Any clause of the terms stated above rendered as contradictive to the law ceases to be valid without affecting the validity of the remaining terms. The present document constitutes the full agreement between Halkidiki.com and the users of its services and binds these parties alone. No modification of these terms is taken into account nor is it part of this agreement if it hasn't been put to writing and incorporated. For any dispute between Halkidiki.com and any of its users, the effort to reach an extrajudicial settlement is necessary.
If you do not agree with the present Terms of Use, you are obligated not to use the services of Halkidiki.com.

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