Bars and Resturants in Hanioti

Bars and Resturants in Hanioti

Posted by Lincoln Nick 
Bars and Resturants in Hanioti
May 11, 2012 09:28AM
We are traveling to Hanioti in June this year and are looking for any recommendations for nice bars and restaurants. We bars that have a good relaxed atmosphere and even better drinks, as for food one carnivore and one vegetarian so it is not always that easy to find a compromise.

Thanks for any help given

Nick & Joanne
Re: Bars and Resturants in Hanioti
May 11, 2012 03:50PM
Hi Nick & Joanne

There are lotd of nice places to eat & drink in Hanioti, mainly based around the square. A few I would recommend would be:

Erodios - a bit away from the square (near some of the hotels) - great extensive menu of Greek & international food
Kassandras - off one of the side roads - more upmarket (reflected in the price) but lovely roof terrace and great food
Stork - just off the square as you head towards the beach - small restaurant but very 'different' greek menu
Spiros (I think that is the name) - by the fountain on the square - basic food but tasty & good price

Kelfos - lively bar on the corner of the square - gets busy late at night - great for people watching
Afros - opposite Kelfos, bit more laid back
Long Island - if you fancy some late night buzz then try Long Island on the side of the square
Beyond - very chic bar (on the corner as you go to Kassandras restaurant)

Hope that gives you some ideas. I think most places are pretty good and wandering around the square and the side roads you will come across all of these places, plus lots more.... ENJOY!

p.s. re vegetarian - although the Greeks are big meat eaters a lot of places do have vegetarian options - and even more choice if you eat fish.
Re: Bars and Resturants in Hanioti
May 12, 2012 10:19AM
Hi Nick & Joanne

We are also going in June (20th) and endorse what Carolinus has written especially Erodios.

Also try the Garden - it's on the right on the road leading to the beach. The tables are all under the trees.

Have a great time


Re: Bars and Resturants in Hanioti
May 14, 2012 11:31AM
Depends what you like to eat..for Pizza, I recommend "Gusto Italiano" in the square, excellent food, carnivore or veggy..decent prices, good wine selection ..what more do you need ? Also, just for "the @#$%&" go to "Nicks Bar" to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, it`s an al-fresco bar.make sure you ask for a "Beptina"
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