Kriopigi - Alkion Studios

Kriopigi - Alkion Studios

Posted by VickiMeyer 
Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
April 22, 2009 11:06AM
Hi there

We have booked a holiday to halkidiki staying the Alkkion studios in Kriopigi for 2 weeks in July this year and have a few questions I hope maybe some of either the residents or regulars could answer for us?

Firstly, we went to gambia last year around the same time and I had a nightmare with mosquito bites... will this be a problem in Greece in July and if so, has anyone found any miracle prevention stuff they can recommend??

Next, we are unsure as whether to take travellers cheques or just euros? The exchange rate is obviously naff here now so wondered what would work out best?

Thirdly, I've read lots about car hire but is moped hire an option? if so, does anyone know the restrictions or would advise strongly against it?

Lastly, is there any trips etc that people recommend as a must? I have read that its a fairly quiet place which will be lovely but we are both fairly young so whilst neon bars by the bucket load is not what we are looking for, a place to get a cocktail or two with a good atmosphere would be really good if anyone can recommend anywhere?

Thanks guys, any advice and tips greatly appreciated

Vicki x
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
April 22, 2009 12:18PM

If you are going to hire a car i can recommend

Sakis the owner is situated in kriopigi he also owns the acropolis restaurant, he may be able to advise on trips. You can send him an e-mail from his website. He does get busy in the height of season so i suggest you book prior to your holiday though if it is only for a few days you require the car he can often accomodate.

If you hire a car it is a nice day travelling around kassandra peninsula, stopping at the different towns and villages, the ruins of olymphus is worth a look, you can visit sithonia, there is a water park on the way to thessalonika, the old tombs i think is in reginia about 1. 1/2 hours drive There are plenty of quad bikes for hire and i would recommend hiring one of these before hiring a moped, just check your holiday insurance it may only cover up to a certain cc engine. Mosquitos can be a problem in the evening i have a plug in adaptor in my room and this stops them having a nibble at night, repellent spray should keep them away in the evening. Does vitamen B1 work if you take them prior to your holiday, never tried it myself, i have tried Mythos but this does work.

I use my nationwide cash card, great rate of exchange for money, saves on travellers cheques.

Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
April 22, 2009 12:27PM
Thanks Shoey, I think a car sounds the better option if we are travelling over an hour!
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
April 22, 2009 04:19PM

Can recommend Avon Skin so Soft Dry Oil Body Spray in Soft and Fresh for mosquitos - they hate it! Last year I used it and did not get bitten once! And I usually get bitten a lot!

If you do have the misfortune to be bitten, make sure you bring some After Bite or Tea Tree Oil/Witch Hazel with you - takes the itch away!

Have a great holiday

Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
April 22, 2009 08:52PM
Brilliant, thanks Lisa, I've definitely be giving that a try!

Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
April 23, 2009 07:25PM
Hi Vicky,
I must agree with Lisa they hate the suff i use that and Autan which do keep them away plus i would use a plug in mosquito repelant which you can buy in the supermarkets here to put in your room before you go out, and spray yourself well, soon as the sun goes down.
Check with Tesco they have a good exchange rate so i have been told !!
The area is quiet but very pretty ,great beaches and lovely people its a small town and easy to get to the busy resorts if needed .
As for good cocktails i would like to recommend you taste my own... hahah sex on the beach or TheTony Diamonds at the Casablanca bar
sure you will have a great holiday in Kriopigi if i can help you with any info please contact me
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
May 12, 2009 05:14PM
Hi Vicki

We found the mossies are very active that time of year and the Boots mossies repelent with deet is very good, we were there in june 2 years ago and my wife was bitten very badly, we are going back again the same time this year so taking plenty of mossie stuff.
Hire a car form up in the village, Kriopigi cars are the best like someone else said earlier, see Sakis or his son Yannis and say Mr Steve his Luton friend recommended him to you and he might even give you a bit of discount, the food there is very good as well, dont forget to book for his saturday greek night, it is absolutly brilliant, I have already spoken to him and booked my car for this year as he does get very busy, Kriopigi is not the most liveliest of places but most of the bars along the top road are very good, go to the classic bar if you like a good english breakfast, I only have just over 4 weeks to go till im out there again and cant wait.
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
May 20, 2009 11:37AM
Shoey657 has just about summed things up. me and my girlfriend are going in July. We went in 2004 and I had the best hoiliday ever. Plug in on a nite and spray when you go out a must for mozzis. do that and you wont get bitten. The guys at the Acropolis are great, they are very friendly and make sure you go to one of their greek nights!

Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
May 31, 2009 03:34PM
1st mosies, get a plug in from the supermarket.

2nd kriopigi cars from papa sakis or moped down the road near the giros shop

3rd cash is cool, there nobody gona nick it from you

lastly, ask auntie kerry and she will tell you the best places to go, after working out there a fare few years and been going there for about 20 years,

there is still a bit to do in the village
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
June 01, 2009 01:44AM
Hi Vicki...............auntie kerry here(cheers jay lol)

Mopeds are a great way to get around but personally would only reccomend them if you're staying pretty local as Greek drivers can be complete mentalists especially at the weekend so if you want to explore the peninsula properly i'd say a nice air con car would be a little safer & probably a lot more comfortable as the roads are a bit dodgy in places!Whichever option you choose both are easily available in Kriopigi

Take sterling....i usually just change a little bit before i leave the UK then change the rest as i need it in resort,the exchange rates are usually pretty similar here and there and at least if the exchange rate gets half decent(we can hope eh???) over there then you can jump in and get it,i've never used travellers cheques in the 23 yrs i've been going there or do as shoey suggests and check out online the best cards to use abroad

Mozzies.....they love me too and yes they can be pretty vicious at that time of year,have heard a lot of people say use the avon stuff,never tried it myself but might give it a go this year,also take a lemon shower gel or soap with you,they're not keen on anything citrus,that's worked for me in the past and if you want a repelant spray then autan is brilliant but the best i've ever used is by johnsons and it's called OFF,can't get it here as far as i know but the supermarket in Kriopigi had it last year and i'm sure someone could maybe order some in if you wanted to try it(hint hint SAKIS)honestly it's the best,i've worked over there and one year i was renting a room on farm land so there were midges & other bitey beasties as well as mozzies to contend with & after being eaten alive i found off in the local supermarket & didn't get bitten once after that.Plug ins are essential for your hotel room and you can lso buy coils that you burn(like a swirly insence stick)these are good for if you're sitting out on the balcony(all available from shops in resort)))

Trips.....don't get sucked in by the reps,all the trips and tours that the reps offer are easily available(and often cheaper) elsewhere,you'll see them advertised on boards usually near exchange offices,haven't done any for years so not too sure what's on offer and to be honest there's plenty of exploring to be done on the peninsula,lovely little beaches,pretty villages etc to find.

Yes Kriopigi is a little place but there are a few good bars there that aren't too in your face but have good music,good cocktails(casablancas long island ice teas are lethal haha.........can i put my order in now Debs?????????)and stay open til the early hours,also have to reccomend the Greek night at The Akropolis.....good fun!!! although small the place has enough bars and restaurants as well as fast food places,crepe shops and the bakery(feta cheese pie yum)to keep you going and if you want a change of scene or something more lively n loud then there are bigger busier resorts a short taxi ride away(wouldn't recomend driving on a fri,sat night)

Anything else you need to know,just ask and have a brilliant holiday,i'm over there 1st 2 weeks of july,when are you going?Also staying at the alkion!!
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
June 06, 2009 08:45PM
Hi, we returned form the Alkion on Thursday.
The Alkion may well be the best apts. in Kriopigi. I couldn't really fault them. The rooms are spacious, the poolbar is reasonably priced and the gardens are beautiful. The views over Sithonia are breathtaking.
All the staff are great and made us really welcome.
Try the Casablanca by the traffic lights and see Nicos at the Classic bar. There's not much difference between the tavernas on the main road but Akropolis does a really fun Greek night on saturdays.
Be sure to go to the taverna in the platia (square) up the hill in the residential area of Kriopigi. The food is fantastic and the wine list is without equal.
Have a great time. I'm really jealous. yawning smiley(
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
June 06, 2009 09:54PM
Hi Martin,glad to hear you had a good time in Kriopigi and very glad to hear the Alkion is good as i've not done a package holiday for years,have always got flight and rented when i get there but this year that option wasn't working in my favour with the excange rate being so bad so me and my friend have booked the alkion,have used the pool there before but not seen inside the rooms,used to work for ant n debs at Casablanca and do drink in classic so i agree with you on those places and the greek night is brilliant fun!!!!Actualy could you let us know exactly what you get in the rooms please?i know there's a fridge and 2 ring there a toaster or anything like that?????thanks

smiling smiley
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
June 06, 2009 10:15PM
HI Kerry, Jane here ! Stayed at Alkion a few years back and it was great. But you get, from memory which is fading fast, a fridge and two ring cooker and that is it. No kettle or toaster. The room was great though, very spacious and clean, and air con. They used a key card and you had to put it in for the elect to work, so we used our boots card when we went out to leave the air con on ! Wouldnt do it unless necessary, but it was very hot.

Hope you enjoy your stay there, we did and would always go again if we did not have friends or our own place to stay at.

Bye for now, we are not there this year so won't see you. Hoping to be there all summer again next year, ask Debbie she knows what we are doing.

Jane and Martyn, and Mia the dog
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
June 07, 2009 09:03AM
Thanks for that the boots card idea haha,catch you soon xxx

smiling smiley
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
June 07, 2009 01:24PM
Yep, rooms now have a toaster and a kettle.
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
June 07, 2009 02:38PM
Hey thats good news! No more fiddling boiling water in those little pan thingies!!!!
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
June 08, 2009 12:51AM
thanks martin and sorry vicki for butting in on your thread but i guess the info's useful seeing as you're stayin there too.Yay jane....those little pans are no good for makin a decent mug full are they??have to have my mug haha xthumbs up

smiling smiley
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
June 08, 2009 08:12PM
Ha ha thats OK guys, we really appreciate all the advice! We are out there from the 6th - 20th of July so might see some of you then? Can't wait to get there!

Vicki and Rich xx
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
June 09, 2009 07:55PM
We will probably bump into each other as me and my mate are there 29th june-13th july.Happy hols xxx

smiling smiley
Re: Kriopigi - Alkion Studios
July 26, 2009 06:13PM

I'm going to Alkion Studios on the 1st August with my son, can't wait, would love to hear of any advice, Alex is 12 and easy going so hopefully will be enjoy what resort has to offer, I intend to have a great time too!1, never been to Greece before, Any dos and dont would be greatfully recieved!!

Many thanks Tracy

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