The truth about dogs in Halkidiki

The truth about dogs in Halkidiki

Posted by Jane 
The truth about dogs in Halkidiki
October 25, 2007 09:41PM
I am sorry if I ruin the memories of your holidays here. However, something has to be done in the long term about the problems of dogs in Halkidiki.

We have been feeding a labrador cross since we got here beginning of August. Foolishly perhaps I allowed myself to become attached to her believing that all could turn out well.

Well, today I saw her after three days of searching and she is ill. Not sure if she has been kicked, knocked by a car or what, but she is a shadow of her former self.

I tried Julie, but poor Julie is absolutely exhausted and ill now because of all the care and stress of rescuing the dogs here. I tried various places today, all recommended as possible sources of care for this dog if we could get her to a vet. Unfortunately none could take her.

So, what do I do. I cannot take her to the vets because if she needs long term care we go back to UK in three weeks, we cannot take her at our rented house as we already have our only allowed dog here, and to put her back on the streets would finish her off anyway. I now feel I have let her down dreadfully. It would have been better not to feed her perhaps?

PLEASE, everybody. This is not a dig at all Greeks, but something has to be done long term about the dogs here. Very few people seem to care, and I know myself that it is easy to think the best on a two week holiday. In fact, I am thinking of only taking two week holidays in future, as I cannot cope with the stress of long term knowledge of dog abuse/neglect/ignorance. Call it what you will, today I have come to the end of my tether and am so upset that I am contemplating never coming to greece again, even though my father was Greek. and I have very good Greek friends (who incidentally do care for their dogs).

I think we have to petition the Greek government, and also the tourist board here. There is a form on the Greek tourist board site which asks for complaints over any aspect of your holidays, including ill treatment of animals. Please try to do something for the future of these dogs (and all othe animals here).

And, I am sure, it is not only in Greece, but other meditteranean countries too.

I will try to see "my" dog again on Saturday. However, I really feel she wont be there.........

Re: The truth about dogs in Halkidiki
October 26, 2007 03:47PM

Hi Jane

have you tried the pet shop in Pefkohori, may be another long shot but worth a try, the couple there are very nice. I think it is the only pet shop, near the Hanioti end of town.

Your right in the summer things dont look so bad for the dogs and you dont notice them so much. But to live there in the winter is so different.

Its a pity the people dont care as much for their animals as they do for their children - whereas we Brits are guilty of the opposite.

Good luck......... Joanne
Re: The truth about dogs in Halkidiki
October 27, 2007 02:19AM
I would go down to the local council and make a complaint. Unfortunately sometimes their answer is to put them down. But perhaps if the dog is ill and nobody is willing to take care of her that might, very unfortunately be the best road for her.

The dog must belong to someone. Speak to the locals and tell them how digusted you are! There are local councillors who are supposed to take charge of these things. Be British! Be disgusted! Tell them how you feel!

Greeks do stuff in our country! Look at George Michael!

Good luck!
Re: The truth about dogs in Halkidiki
October 27, 2007 03:32PM
Firstly I thought you cared. Then I saw your other post. I have already replied to your other posts, but reading this one. Do you really know what goes on here. Obviously not. Your statement "the dog must belong to someone". Don't make me laugh. These dogs are strays. They were born to a stray dog. They managed to survive by avoiding a rubbish bin and a cruel death in the garbage crusher. They have managed to avoid the cars and lorries so far, that mow down dogs and cats everyday with little thought.

Be British! Be disgusted. Do you really think they care. If they cared that much they would do something already.

There are some nice Greeks who do care, but unfortunately they are few and far between. When I went looking for my "adopted dog" the other day, one local yiayia couldnt understand at all. She told me to take any dog, just take them she said. They dont want to know

The only way this will get better is by education, and by people who visit Greece making their thoughts known to the Greek Tourist Board and the Greek Embassy. I am afraid to say however, that unless enough people actually care and boycott Greece (and I do not advocate this, I love Greece, my father was Greek) then nothing will change.

Re: The truth about dogs in Halkidiki
October 28, 2007 11:49AM
Hi, I think something too will need to be done about the dogs. They look unwell and it is not nice to see. In Hanioti we saw lots of these dogs and it upset my daughter at the sight of them (she is a doglover ) The town will have to do something because it will stop people returning. The dogs follow you around even when not encouraged and can become scary because they fight each other alot. They even came into our apartment and did their business by the pool.
Jane well done for caring, there needs to be lots of people involved and I think unless it hits them where it hurts (the pocket) this sorry problem will continue.
Re: The truth about dogs in Halkidiki
October 29, 2007 01:57PM
George Michael is of Cypriot Decent but is a British National. And will be canidate for P M i hope ?
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