NEW SEASON new crimes

NEW SEASON new crimes

Posted by Jane 
NEW SEASON new crimes
April 27, 2013 09:59AM
Yet again we have poison in Halkidiki. Four dogs in Fourka poisoned last night, died horrific deaths. Julie from Halkidiki Animal Rescue called out at 2130, one dead, one dying and she tried in vain to save the third. Another found dead on way to police station. Police and Mayor called, NOT INTERESTED. Vet has taken samples to find out type of poison, and this will be followed up.

SO WHY DO I POST THIS HERE? Because we need every single person who visits Halkidiki who cares for animals to know what goes on. We need you to fight the cause and join in and help these animals. They did not deserve to die so horrifically. One was actually an owned dog too. They were all neutered, doing no harm to anyone. I have lived in Halkidiki and seen the huge amount of work Julie does to save the animals. I have also seen the not so pretty side of this lovely part of Greece.

If you see ANY poisoned animals, any form of cruelty whilst on holiday, please do report it. Until the Police and Mayor realise that people who come on holiday do not agree with these barbaric acts, they will continue to ignore reports (which incidentally they should not ignore, there is a law in place for the police to investigate all acts of cruelty and killing - they choose to ignore it).

I know you want to enjoy your holiday, it is a lovely place to take a holiday, but remember you stay two weeks, the animals are there all year and need your voice. Join Halkidiki Animal Rescue on Facebook if you can help in any way.

Thank you.
Re: NEW SEASON new crimes
April 27, 2013 09:44PM
It is unfourtunate that the authorities are not bothered .They will not do anything unless it will affect them,their jobs,or the money coming into the area.
What we need is a TV programme highlighting the cruelty that goes on
Any TV producers around?

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